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Carpenters Tools

Popular and fast selling lines like our mitre boxes and wood chisel sets are very popular with our existing customers. Mitre boxes come in display boxes while the chisel sets have well presented colour packaging.

  • TM228 6pc Economy Carpenters Pencils
  • TM229 6pc Hard Carpenters Pencils
  • Plastic Handled Pointed Bradawl
  • Plastic Handled Flat Bradawl
  • Plastic Handled Gimlet

  • TM005 Honing Guide
  • TM009 4pc Soft-Grip Wood Chisel Set
  • TM010 4pc Economy Wood Chisel Set
  • TM012 6pc Professional Wood Chisel Set in Wooden Display Case

  • TM565 Mini Plastic Mitre Box
  • TM566 Midi Plastic Mitre Box
  • TM566 Maxi Plastic Mitre Box
  • TM567 Mega Plastic Mitre Box

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