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A comprehensive range of hammers and axes, from claw hammers, mallets to splitting mauls, whatever your after, we're sure to have it.

  • TM763 20oz Solid Forged Claw Hammer
  • TM764 20oz Fibreglass Claw Hammer
  • TM759 16oz Tubular Steel Claw Hammer
  • TM760 20oz Tubular Steel Claw Hammer
  • TM761 16oz Claw Hickory Hammer
  • TM762 20oz Claw Hickory Hammer
  • TM759 Mini Claw Hammer

  • TM782 Solid Forged Brick Hammer
  • TM777 Tubular Steel Brick Hammer
  • TM780 Hardwood Brick Hammer

  • TM768 Hickory Motar Pick
  • TM769 Tubular Steel Motar Pick
  • TM785 Solid Forged Lath Hammer

  • TM783 Tubular Steel Scutch Hammer
  • TM784 Hickory Scutch Hammer

  • TM788 Slaters Axe Right Handed
  • TM789 Slaters Axe Left Handed
  • TM778 Slaters Hammer Tubular Steel
  • TM779 Slaters Hammer Steel

  • TM795 Hickory Pin hammer
  • TM796 8oz Cross Pein hammer
  • TM797 12oz Cross Pein hammer

  • TM560 4" Wooden Mallet
  • TM765 16oz Rubber Mallet
  • TM766 24oz Rubber Mallet
  • TM767 32oz Rubber Mallet

  • TM770 4oz Ball Pein Hammer
  • TM771 8oz Ball Pein Hammer
  • TM772 12oz Ball Pein Hammer
  • TM773 16oz Ball Pein Hammer
  • TM774 24oz Ball Pein Hammer
  • TM775 32oz Ball Pein Hammer

  • TM750 2lb Hickory Club Hammer
  • TM751 4lb Hickory Lump Hammer
  • TM793 2lb Fibreglass Club Hammer
  • TM794 4lb Fibreglass Club Hammer
  • TM798 2lb Club Hammer
  • TM799 4lb Club Hammer

  • TM753 7lb Sledge hammer
  • TM754 10lb Sledge hammer
  • TM755 14lb Sledge hammer
  • 7lb Fibreglass Sledge hammer
  • 10lb Fibreglass Sledge hammer
  • 14lb Fibreglass Sledge hammer

  • TM786 Wood Handled Hand Axe
  • TM787 Fibreglass Hand Axe
  • TM790 All Steel Hand Axe

  • TM785 All metal Lath Hammer
  • TM790 All metal hand Axe
  • TM791 Fibre Felling Axe
  • TM792 Fibreglass Maul Axe

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